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Contactless operαtion,  safety meαns everything


COVID-19 hos changed ourway of living.Contactlcss operαtions will be crucial for the foreseeable ruturc.Pudu Robotics provides multiple solution to battle the negative impact from the pandemic. With true noncontact functions, Puductor 2 minimizes the risk of cross infection and improves sanitary condition for indoor environments

Puductor 2

  • Ultrasonic Dry Mist Disinfection


    * Dry mist disinfection,highly effective against the COVID-19.

    * 4 spray nozzles for an atomization rote of up to 2L/h, capable of holding up to 15L of disinfectant solution.

    * 10µm dry disinfectant particles ensuring full contact with microorganisms.


    Adjustable Atomization Rate

    * 2 atomization rates.(4 mist output)

    * Lower rate for dry-mist concentration retention in a semi-open scenario. Higher rate for faster targeted dry-mist concentration.


    UltravioletC Disinfection

    * 4 x 36w UV lamp equipped, achieving an industry leading ultraviolet illumination of 1801W/cm2 within1 meter.

    * The UV-C lamp is highly effective against most types of bacteria and viruses, securing a 99.99% disinfection rate.


    Intelligent UV-C Lamp Protector

    * Enclosed cabin with motorized interlocking mechanism providing protection to the lamp while not operating.


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