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Say Goodbye to Dirty and Repetition Work


 HolaBot is a professional bussing robot


* Best performance: HolaBot has a carrying capacity as large as           120kg. With the half-open trays, sauce residue collecting tank 

  and the IPX5 waterproof body. HolaBot can collect the plates at a

  rate as high as over 200 times per day


* Most intelligent: HolaBot supports multi-end calls and air motion

  control. With the modular base and the full-range depth sensor,

  HolaBot redefines the bussing robot


  • Design for Bussing


    Efficient: 120kg large capacity, fast movement, twice as efficient as the staff

    Affordable: Only $5 cost per day

    Secure: Not run into others. IPX5 waterproof inner cabin

    Easy: Require no extra maintenance except charging

    Durable: 73,000km durability test(The data is based on certain environment test)

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