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Contactless delivery, safety means everything


The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly changed our way of life and production. In the restaurants, by using BellaBot to deliver food to customers, human to human contact is reduced, which ensures food hygiene and safety


  • A reason to use BellaBot?Here’s seven


    Amusing: Multi-mode interaction technology allows BellaBot to make different expressions and voice feedback to your touch

    Intelligent: Intelligent infrared sensing tray make it possible that automatically deliver to the next table after taking the meal

    Efficient: Large capacity, fast movement, readily usable and efficient

    Affordable: Only $5 cost per day

    Secure: Not run into others. No spill out

    Easy: Require no extra maintenance except charging

    Durable: 73,000km durability test(The data is based on certain environment test)

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